Casa cu povesti Harap Alb


HARAP ALB is a building full of stories that will be located in the heart of Bucharest. The world of stories at Harap Alb is open all year and our activities are conducted both indoors and outdoors.

The Harap Alb explores the universe described by Ion Creanga in his books for children, loved by everyone but also other well-known Romanian children writers. Meet Nica Creanga’s Humulesti and play around his house side by side with other characters, such as The goat with three kids, Danila Prepeleac, Harap Alb, Mr. Goe (I. L. Caragiale), Lizuca and Patrocle (Mihail Sadoveanu), The Rag (Tudor Arghezi), The Cat Arbagic (Ana Blandiana), The encyclopedia dragons (Mircea Cartarescu), The Penguin Apolodor (Gelu Naum) and many others. Books come alive with stories, you can get in into their world where you can play, learn and discover new things.

Giving you daily theatre and musical performances by beloved actors and puppeteers, Harap Alb, is also one of the most important theatres for children in Bucharest.

Our restaurant offers delicious dishes and cakes, all home made, to everyone’s taste. Our kitchen will be inspired exclusively from Romanian literature, and recipes will be taken directly from the writings of: Pastorel Teodoreanu, Ion Creanga, Vasile Voiculescu, Radu Anton Roman, etc.

In the Harap Alb bookstore you will find a wide selection of children’s books, toys and gifts.

Harap Alb House of Stories will provide an opportunity to share knowledge between Sweden professionals in the field of children’s culture and their peers in Romania. Given the long Swedish experience in the field and the demand for children’s culture in Romania this project will also be able to provide a solid platform for collaboration between Sweden and Romania. The successful activity and long experience of Junibacken (the model for the implementation of Harap Alb) and other children’s culture producers i.e. the set designer Tor Svae and the sustained effort of the National Library of Romania in working with the Romanian illustrated children’s books as well as the Illustrators Club will guarantee the high quality of the project and the permanent character of this enterprise.


Arina Stoenescu, artistic director, designer and founder Harap Alb

Staffan Götestam, House of Stories, producer, founder Junibacken

Emmi Gereb, IT manager, web developer

Teodor Frolu, DC Communication managing partner, architect

Raluca Demetrescu, artist, founder Harap Alb

Mario Kuibus, architect, managing director re-act now

Tor Svae, set designer, artist

Klara Svae, children’s culture producer

Vacant, consultant, business development, investor relations

Vacant, PR & Online Editor


Accountess Simple Finance, Romania

ARCUB, Centrul Cultural al Municipiului București, Romania

Biblioteca Națională a României, BNaR (National Library of Romania)

DC Communicaton, Romania

Illustrators Club, Romania

Municipality of Bucharest, Romania

pionier press, Sweden

Re-Act Now Studio, Romania

Sfera Decor, Romania

Skanska, Romania

Embassy of Sweden, Romania

Special thanks to

Björn Apelkvist, Sweden

Åsa Apelkvist, Sweden

Irina Dobrescu, Romania

Ioana Gruenwald, Romania

Roxana Jeler, Romania

Veronica Neacsu, Romania

Sînziana Popescu, Romania

Adrian Solomon, Romania

Claudia Șerbănuță, Romania


info [at] harapalb [dot] eu
Sweden, Arina Stoenescu: +46 70 491 19 91
Romania, DC Communication: +40 21 312 38 35
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